Car Technology That’s Making Driving Safer

Driving is safer now than it has been in decades, with deaths from automobile accidents trending downward for years. Technology is a big part of why this is the case. Technological advances in the past decade have helped prevent car accidents and keep drivers from putting themselves into dangerous driving situations. Here’s a quick look at a few pieces of recent technology that are helping to make the roads safer for drivers.

Backup Cameras

Any new car today must have a backup camera. This camera, which is mounted near your rear license plate, automatically displays on your dashboard when you put the car in reverse. According to Richardson Electronics, this makes it much easier to see behind you as you move backward, thus helping to ensure that you won’t hit anyone and that you can identify hard to see obstacles. This is particularly useful for identifying things that you may have missed even while looking [...]

In this day and age, virtually everyone wants the latest this or the newest that. Not only do many people upgrade their cell phones each year, but some even trade in their cars for newer models. While getting a new car can be ideal for obvious reasons, aside from the aesthetic benefit, newer cars tend to be safer than older models.

The Newer the Car, the Safer It Is

Because newer cars have improved safety features from side airbags, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and much more. The number of fatalities due to automobile accidents was significantly higher thirty years ago than it is today. Now, the number of deaths caused by collisions has dropped to virtually less than half the number it was years ago, and it is getting lower and lower as car safety features increase.

What’s the Caveat?

Although having all of these different safety features available does help to prevent [...]

Paying for car insurance is something you really cannot avoid. However, owning your own car does not have to leave a hole in your pocket. There are plenty of ways a car owner can lower his or her insurance rates as much as possible. The following list contains some of the best tactics you can begin to implement today to lower your insurance rates.

Maintain Good Credit

More and more car insurance companies are now using a person’s credit score to determine how much he or she is going to be charged. Thus, car owners and future car owners may want to hold off on making a purchase until they are within a good credit score range. Purchasing a new car may be an exciting time, but patience, in this instance, truly does pay off.

Accident Forgiveness [...]

Purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting time. What you pick typically says a lot about you and your personality. People tend to pick a make and model based on a number of different characteristics in a vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at what the car you choose says about you.

Your Personality

There are many different makes and models of vehicles on the market right now. With so many different options to choose from, your personality can really shine through with your selection. For example, your adventurous personality might motivate you to choose something like a Jeep or Truck. These vehicles are perfect for an off-road adventure. You can also use them to tow things like boats or jet skis. If you’re a bit more conservative, you might be looking for a new vehicle based [...]

Many of us have experienced the following situation before. We buy a product and take it home only to find out that it’s defective in some way. Most of us simply take it back to the store, and that’s it. However, this is a little more complicated when a car is involved. Taking it back to the dealer can be a legally tricky obstacle. So what are your options when you run into this type of issue?

Look at Your Warranty

One of the first things you should look for when you discover that you have an efficient car is the warranty attached to it. Most vehicles that are sold at dealerships do come with some form of warranty that would cover a defect. The issue that people tend to have is not lack of a warranty, but knowing what it actually covers. Most warranties only cover parts of the car that are meant to [...]

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