How to Create a Garage Worthy of Your New Ride

A new car can set you back tens of thousands of dollars or more. Therefore, it is important that you take steps to protect your investment. One of those steps is to keep your garage clean and dry to ensure that it stays looking and functioning its best. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Create an Auto History Museum

If you want your garage to look like a shrine to your vehicle, it could be a good idea to add automotive memorabilia. For instance, you could hang pictures of classic vehicles on the walls or anything else related to cars. You could also get a neon sign or other signage that makes you feel like you’ve been transferred from your home to an auto body shop.

Clear the Clutter

That’s not to say you can’t use the garage as storage. You absolutely can! However, organization is vital to making the space worthy, especially if it’s a one-car garage. Getting rid of boxes or other materials that you don’t need can add space that can be used to repair, maintain or otherwise admire your vehicle. Furthermore, getting rid of loose items prevents anything from falling on your car and damaging it. Even minor scratches or dents can grow into serious problems over time, so it is generally a good idea to prevent them from occurring. The items that you decide to get rid of can either be donated to a worthy cause or sold for cash that can help to pay for the vehicle.

Keep the Climate Suitable for a Vehicle

A garage that is too cold could cause tires to go flat or force the engine to work harder to start. If the garage is too hot or humid, the excess moisture in the air could cause mold to form on the door, floor or walls. Mold can then be transferred through the air onto or into your car. Adding a ductless heating or cooling system can make it easier to regulate the temperature in the garage. Insulating the garage door can also help to keep the car warmer throughout the year.

If you have just purchased a new vehicle, you will want a clean and safe place to store it. Proper storage can make it easier to maintain your car and help it last for as long as possible. Furthermore, maintaining your vehicle may be a prerequisite for ensuring that the manufacturer’s warranty remains valid.

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