3 of the Best Times to Get a New Car

In many areas of the country, a vehicle is a necessity. While some cities have public transportation, if you live in a smaller city, it’s just not feasible to walk or bike places, and taxis just aren’t always available or affordable. When you experience certain life events, it’s time to get a new car. Here are three of the most common reasons that buying a new vehicle is necessary.

New Driver in the Family

If your child is about to turn 16, it might be time to get a new car. When your teenager has their own vehicle, they won’t need to beg you for the keys to your car, and they can even help you do errands. If you want your son or daughter to have their own car, you can give them your old one so that you can drive the new vehicle. Otherwise, you can buy them a new vehicle with features suited to younger, newer drivers.

Car Accident

When a car is totaled in a car crash, fixing it just isn’t an option. Instead, your car insurance company will give you a check for the depreciated value of your car based on age and mileage. This means that you need to buy another vehicle to get around. If you don’t already have the money to be able to buy a new vehicle then make sure you receive the right compensation for the accident and put some of that towards your new car. You might decide to spend more on your next car than the amount that you get back from your insurance company so that you get a vehicle that will last you for at least a few years.

Vehicle Is Too Old

Even if you take care of your car, they all begin to wear down eventually. When you’re spending more money per year on repairs than what the car is worth, it’s probably time to get a new vehicle. However, you need to look at the functionality of the entire car, and you should consider your driving habits and lifestyle, too. Some models, when well-maintained, can go for hundreds of thousands of miles.

There isn’t an exact formula for when you should replace your car, but you should definitely consider it if your vehicle is too old.

You might buy a car for a celebratory occasion, but most of the time, you simply need a reliable way to get around town. Take a look at some vehicles, preferably before you find yourself without a vehicle, so that you can make the best car-buying decision for your situation.





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