Frequently Asked Questions

Finest Auto Leasing is an online car leasing company that provides a hassle-free car leasing experience by bringing convenience and transparency to the automotive industry.


The process is broken down into three steps
  • Build Your Car:
    First, research and build the exact car that you want. Whether it be a Honda or a Maserati, Finest Auto Leasing has a certified dealer network that has access to any make or model that you are interested in leasing.
  • Select Your Offer:
    Once you have built and requested the vehicle that you are interested in, a Finest Auto Leasing specialist will locate the vehicle for you. This generally takes less than an hour. Once located, the vehicle offered will be displayed and you will then be prompted to choose one of three offers:
    • Sign & Drive
      This is where taxes, bank fees, and DMV fees are enrolled in your monthly payment; all you have to pay is the first month due on signing.
    • Average Joe
      This is the most common selection. Taxes are enrolled in the monthly payments, but bank fees and registration fees are due on signing (averaging around $1375).
    • The Low
      This is the lowest monthly payment, but the highest due on signing. Here, taxes, bank fees, and DMV fees are due on signing.
  • Delivery:
    Once you select your offer, we approve you for the vehicle. This is done by a simple credit application which can be completed through your online Finest Auto Leasing dashboard. Approval can take up to 24 hours, after which you will be prompted to schedule a time for delivery.


faq-img1Most online car buying platforms leave you to your devices after you have found the car you are interested in. Your information is simply passed along to the dealerships where you will be bombarded with calls. Contrastingly, Finest Auto Leasing helps you through the entire process: from locating the vehicle all the way to delivery.
faq-img1The financing will go through the vehicle’s credit company. For example, if you are leasing a Volkswagen vehicle, you will be applying to Volkswagen Credit to get approved for leasing.


faq-img1You still service the vehicle at any car dealership of your choice.

We recommend that you go to the dealership and test drive the cars that you are interested in before you start the leasing process online. Remember, you are in no obligation to purchase the vehicle at the dealership when test driving a vehicle.

faq-img1Finest Leasing only provides solutions for new car leasing. We do not intend to operate with pre-owned vehicles.


faq-img1Finest Leasing has a certified dealership network who supplies us with our vehicles. Once you have confirmed the car you would like, Finest Leasing picks up the vehicle from the dealership and delivers it your doorstep.
faq-img1Delivery is 100% free currently :D.
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