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Leasing a car can be a brilliant idea to get a ride in a vehicle of your choice at an affordable price. Whether you’re traveling to visit your family or just taking a road trip, leasing a car gives you the privacy and comfort you need. It allows you ‘own’ a car without spending a lump sum on an outright purchase. However, despite leasing being beneficial, there are various factors that you need to be aware of.

Take Good Care of the Car

The fact that you lease the car does not mean you mishandle it. Remember that the leasing company is still the owner of the car. And if you don’t maintain it properly, it may attract some additional fees at the end of the lease. Therefore, ensure you read out all the rules and do a proper check on the car before you can sign the agreement. Also, ensure you understand the wear [...]

From time to time, auto parts will be recalled. Whether you’ve recently gotten a phone call about a defective part or are just wondering what you would do in the event of a recall, it’s important to always take recalls seriously. Here’s why you should never ignore that recall letter or phone call.

Your Safety Might Depend on It

While some recalls may not directly impact driver safety, most do. Some auto parts, such as airbags, have particular dangers when they malfunction. For example, some recalls have been issued due to airbags failing to deploy in a crash. Other recalls were based on bags that were defective and posed a danger when they deployed. While you might not think about airbags as you drive on a regular basis, failing airbags can sometimes lead to serious injury or death in the event of an accident.

They’re Free

One common misconception about auto part recalls is that [...]

It’s always exciting to buy a new car. However, getting caught up in the excitement of the new purchase may cloud your judgment when it’s time to sign on the dotted line. That being the case, you should approach the car-buying process with a clear head. Here are some tips that will help you to remain focused when it’s time to buy your next vehicle.

Test Drive Your Options

Buying a car is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make. As such, you don’t want to make this decision too hastily. One way to ensure this is to test drive a number of cars. This prevents you from falling in love with a car that may look good but be totally wrong for your budget or lifestyle. You may even want to research car models [...]

Being able to get in your car and go is one of the greatest feelings of freedom since learning how to walk. One of the worst feelings is having your car break down on you, especially while you are out and about or on the road. Although there are some things that just cannot be avoided, such as getting a flat tire or, even worse, an accident, many car problems can actually be avoided. Here are some tips to help you keep your car running as smoothly as possible for years to come.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Just like your body needs regular checkups, so does your car. If you want your car to last a long time, then you should have it checked every few thousand miles so that you can nip any potential problems in the bud. This not only keeps your vehicle in great condition, but it can also save you lots of [...]

Paying for car insurance is something you really cannot avoid. However, owning your own car does not have to leave a hole in your pocket. There are plenty of ways a car owner can lower his or her insurance rates as much as possible. The following list contains some of the best tactics you can begin to implement today to lower your insurance rates.

Maintain Good Credit

More and more car insurance companies are now using a person’s credit score to determine how much he or she is going to be charged. Thus, car owners and future car owners may want to hold off on making a purchase until they are within a good credit score range. Purchasing a new car may be an exciting time, but patience, in this instance, truly does pay off.

Accident [...]

Purchasing a new vehicle is an exciting time. What you pick typically says a lot about you and your personality. People tend to pick a make and model based on a number of different characteristics in a vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at what the car you choose says about you.

Your Personality

There are many different makes and models of vehicles on the market right now. With so many different options to choose from, your personality can really shine through with your selection. For example, your adventurous personality might motivate you to choose something like a Jeep or Truck. These vehicles are perfect for an off-road adventure. You can also use them to tow things like boats or jet skis. If you’re a bit more conservative, you might be looking for a new vehicle [...]

Many of us have experienced the following situation before. We buy a product and take it home only to find out that it’s defective in some way. Most of us simply take it back to the store, and that’s it. However, this is a little more complicated when a car is involved. Taking it back to the dealer can be a legally tricky obstacle. So what are your options when you run into this type of issue?

Look at Your Warranty

One of the first things you should look for when you discover that you have an efficient car is the warranty attached to it. Most vehicles that are sold at dealerships do come with some form of warranty that would cover a defect. The issue that people tend to have is not lack of a warranty, but knowing what it actually covers. Most warranties only cover parts of the car that are meant to [...]

When you buy a new car, you’re making a big investment. In fact, buying a new car is one of the largest purchases most people will ever make, so it’s wise to think carefully before making your final choice. New vehicles come equipped with a variety of safety features, tend to last around eight years or longer, typically come with cost-saving warranties, and supply you with the freedom to choose the exact features you want.

New Safety Features

New cars offer a host of safety features that older cars do not. For example, this source explains, “adaptive cruise control, a safety feature found on many new cars, uses radar and sensors to maintain a safe distance between your car and the ones around it.” Automatic emergency braking is another beneficial safety feature; if a car that features automatic emergency braking technology detects a potential collision, it will brake for you if you don’t react [...]

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