3 Tips for Preparing Your Car for Winter

Staying safe while driving on snow and ice takes practice. In addition, there are changes you can make to your vehicle to get where you need to go without putting yourself at excessive risk. Finally, it’s critically important that you allow plenty of time to get to your destination. Here are some things you should do to prepare your car for the winter season.

Check Your Tires

If you know snow is coming in or if temperatures have dropped suddenly in your area, make sure you check your tire pressure. Low tires are sloppy and handle poorly on slippery roads. In addition, check the condition of your tread. Worn tires won’t clear snow or slush, and they increase your risk of a skid. Finally, if conditions are going to be very bad and you have to be on the road, you should get snow chains on your tires, according to VicRoads.

Keep a Readiness Kit in Your Car

If you have to drive in snow often, a readiness kit can help you feel safer. According to Groth Law Firm, some essentials to keep in your car readiness kit should include nonperishable food, water, a first-aid kit, a flashlight, a blanket, and a battery-powered phone charger. In addition, it’s a good idea to keep a small shovel so you can dig yourself out if you get stuck. Kitty litter or gravel can be sprinkled on the path you want to use to get yourself out of a sticky situation.

Ensure Sufficient Space

One of the biggest risks related to winter driving is that even if you know what you’re doing, the driver beside you or coming at you may not be so skilled. Drive Safe Online suggests that you leave plenty of space between your front bumper and the car in front of you. If a driver is tailgating you as though they want to pass, take the first opportunity to get out of their way. Either they’re in a real emergency and may panic if they get into a skid, or they’re overconfident and putting you at risk. Finally, keep your fuel tank at least half full if you know snow is on the way. Try to take care of errands before the snow starts so you’re not part of the panicked crowd at the grocery store. If you don’t have to be out when things are really dangerous, stay home.

Be vigilant about keeping snow cleared off your car. Never drive with your windshield all frosted up. If you can’t reach across your windshield to clear away ice and snow, make sure you have plenty of gas so you can thoroughly warm up the car. This will help to loosen any clinging ice.

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