Car Technology That’s Making Driving Safer

Driving is safer now than it has been in decades, with deaths from automobile accidents trending downward for years. Technology is a big part of why this is the case. Technological advances in the past decade have helped prevent car accidents and keep drivers from putting themselves into dangerous driving situations. Here’s a quick look at a few pieces of recent technology that are helping to make the roads safer for drivers.

Backup Cameras

Any new car today must have a backup camera. This camera, which is mounted near your rear license plate, automatically displays on your dashboard when you put the car in reverse. According to Richardson Electronics, this makes it much easier to see behind you as you move backward, thus helping to ensure that you won’t hit anyone and that you can identify hard to see obstacles. This is particularly useful for identifying things that you may have missed even while looking out of your rearview mirror such as small objects, animals or children. Furthermore, cars also come with proximity alarms which beep as you approach a solid object, providing another level of safety as you reverse. These alarms will beep more rapidly as objects draw closer, thus providing an additional level of warning to drivers who are reversing.

Automatic Braking

As technology and radars improve, it allows cars to better identify obstacles, such as other cars. Automatic braking comes in many forms. First, it can warn drivers when they are too close to a car in front of them and should slow their speed in order to put some distance between them and whatever is in front of them. In more impactful forms, it can automatically apply the breaks or disable the accelerator, thus creating that distance for the driver.

Lane Assist

According to Dolman Law, lane assist technology can reduce many serious types of car accidents. As any driver knows, it can get far too easy to stop paying attention and drift into another lane. This issue becomes more problematic when road conditions are poor and lane markings cannot be easily identifiable or on certain road conditions. Lane assist can help prevent this issue by warning a driver when they are drifting out of their lane, usually with an alarm or digital display on the dashboard.

Automatic Speed Limit Warnings

As cars have been getting smarter, some have become able to read and identify signs. This means that they can read speed limit signs and warn drivers about when they are going over the speed limit. Since speed is a major factor in many car accidents and fatalities, anything which can control speed and limit speed limit violations has the potential to save lives.

Technology has helped to dramatically improve the lives and safety of millions of Americans who are on the road. New technology is being developed every day and will likely continue to help make the roads safer for everyone. When it comes to driving technology and improving customer safety, it seems that the future is bright.

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