Are Newer Cars Really Safer than Older Cars?

In this day and age, virtually everyone wants the latest this or the newest that. Not only do many people upgrade their cell phones each year, but some even trade in their cars for newer models. While getting a new car can be ideal for obvious reasons, aside from the aesthetic benefit, newer cars tend to be safer than older models.

The Newer the Car, the Safer It Is

Because newer cars have improved safety features from side airbags, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and much more. The number of fatalities due to automobile accidents was significantly higher thirty years ago than it is today. Now, the number of deaths caused by collisions has dropped to virtually less than half the number it was years ago, and it is getting lower and lower as car safety features increase.

What’s the Caveat?

Although having all of these different safety features available does help to prevent injury or even death, they can only work if you use them. No matter how advanced the safety features are in your car, if you do not wear your seatbelt, none of those features even matter. The risk of dying from a car crash is significantly decreased simply by wearing a seatbelt and is even lower if the vehicle is a newer model. There were 34,247 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States in 2017. Not wearing a seatbelt can increase your chances of serious injury or even death regardless of how new or advanced your car is.

What Makes Newer Cars Safer?

As we briefly mentioned earlier, newer cars have much better safety features that can not only help keep you safe in the event of an accident but may also prevent you from having one. Features such as Blind Spot Detection and Rear-view Camera can help to prevent you from having a collision. Aside from the features, newer cars are made with even more durable materials such as steel and rubber that can withstand crashes better than many older models.

Prevent Thefts

While it is important to be safe while driving and try to prevent a collision, having a newer car can also keep you safe from would-be attackers and thieves as well. If someone is following you, unlike older cars, having a newer car allows you to be able to unlock the door from a distance and even trigger the alarm. While older cars may use theft deterrents such as a steering wheel club, newer cars have built-in alarm systems that can get pretty loud when they are set off. This will attract attention and most likely cause a potential car thief to avoid your vehicle altogether.

When driving, safety should be the number one priority no matter what model vehicle you are driving. However, when it comes to keeping yourself safe from injury or bodily harm, newer cars definitely have the upper hand over older cars. From features that allow you to quickly lock or unlock doors, to having side airbags and automatic brakes, newer cars can certainly increase your level of safety.

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